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Unlock the Other Side of the Internet

Predata is the only web-based platform that quantifies online attention to provide a more complete picture of the geopolitical landscape.

Innovative Solutions

The Predata platform enables customers to glean insights about their strategic messaging efforts and discover anomalous trends in online attention to inform perspectives on real-world geopolitical impacts.

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Discover Indicators and Warnings

Surface patterns that reveal early indications of geopolitical, economic, and security risk factors.

Map the Information Environment

Uncover shifts in online attention to measure the real impact of messaging in the information environment.

Detect Supply and Demand Shifts

Analyze shifts in supply and demand factors for major commodities.

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How It Works

In an age of infinite content, measuring the finite distribution of human attention tells the real story. With Predata, you can unlock this other piece of the internet, obtaining previously inaccessible insights into the current and historical shape of online attention.

By observing changes in online behavior, Predata provides leading indicators of shifting perceptions that often precede offline action.


“However this misinformation is getting out, it’s changing the way that information is being consumed. Audiences are engaging with these narratives and that’s what we’re able to measure using our analytics.”

— Predata featured on CNBC’s Closing Bell

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