The Predata Volatility Index (PVIX) is a rules-based, cross-sectional measure of a country's political volatility, generated daily. PVIX signals quantify current conditions and display them in a broader historical context.

Custom Signals

For more detailed measurement, Predata can provide custom signals tailored to a specific topic or benchmark of interest. An index can also be constructed based on a subset of the PVIX, or only certain types of conversation activity.

Analysis Platform

Get access to the full Predata analysis platform online. The system includes both signal analysis and predictive capabilities, including visualizing of signals alongside asset prices, computing of correlations, the ability to build custom bundles of signals, and access to the predictive engine.

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The Predata Platform

Comprehensive Signal Data

Analyze individual sources, and country/topic signals covering bundles of sources. Access raw counts reflecting crowd interest, conversation volume, and discussion volatility.

In-Depth Analytics

Break signals down into components, and look up top sources driving movements in signal bundles. Run correlations between signals, asset prices, and other time series data.

Event Data & Taxonomy

Use Predata's event database and taxonomy to make sense of the past. Tag events by country, topic, event type, and significance. Visualize them alongside signal movements and examine historial signal behavior around different types of events.

Prediction & Benchmarking

Subscribers to the full Predata platform receive access to the prediction engine, which runs regressions between signals and event sets to identify sources indicative of volatility and build predictive indicators based on them. Predictions can be run using current data or benchmarked using historical data to calculate standard statistical measures of efficacy.

Awareness & Alerting

Monitor the world using the Global Heatmap, which shows prediction levels by type of incident or strategic category. Receive email alerts every day summarizing the most significant moving signals in your footprint.

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